Solutions for Professional Translations

translationsWe are a translation office ready to deliver all sorts of professional translation services: not only certified and notarized translation, but also proofreading and conference interpreting requests. You can always count on us for an expert’s opinion, timely deliveries, and, not in the least, full confidentiality.

After years in the translation business, we can proudly say that we are able to offer our clients the best solution in our hands, no matter their requirements. Thanks to our team of professional translators, who have undergone solid training and have acquired a large experience throughout the years, all our translation projects are handled with maximum care and expertise. We can deliver professional translations not only content-wise, but also in terms of confidentiality. We know that the documents you entrust us with are extremely important and we always handle them with absolute discretion.

Written translation

Written translation involves reproducing and converting a document’s text into the local language of the targeted market. Crescendo Translations offers written translations for over 30 languages and is capable of translating documents of all sizes.

Translation Expertise

  • Healthcare & Medicine: Manuals, package inserts, patient surveys, biomedical articles;
  • Food & Retail: Menus, labels, packaging, point-of-sale displays;
  • Advertising: Ad copy, press releases, brochures, articles, websites;
  • Scientific & Technical: Patents, manuals, data sheets, user guides;
  • Software & Computer: Video game text, manuals, marketing materials, websites;
  • Finance & Banking: Balance sheets, income statements, prospectuses, auditor’s reports;
  • Government & Law : Contracts, policies, reports, presentations, notices, applications;
  • Personal Documents: Birth & marriage certificates, college transcripts, legal documents.

Certified Translations

Types of documents that can be certified by the public notary: civil status documents, diplomas, syllabus, invitations for traveling abroad, judgments, power of attorney, criminal records, certificates, property deeds, contracts of sale and purchase (rent, loan), notary statements, work cards, commercial correspondence, business documents (certificates of registration, mentions), accounting documents (balance sheets), surveys, reports, car documents, driving licenses, emigration records, permits and other documents on request.

Legal Translations

Our customers include leading law firms for which we translate legal documents from the simplest ones such as powers of attorney, court documents, corporate documents to complex studies on the Romanian and European legislation.

Public procurement is one of the sub-areas in which we specialize. The importance of the quality of tender documentation is crucial to the success of a client as a bidder.

Transport Translations

Crescendo Traduceri counts railway, road and sea transport operators in its customer portfolio. We have been involved in translating technical and financial documentation for major projects related to the construction or upgrading of railway lines, roads and highways, etc.

Consecutive Interpreting

Consecutive interpreting is often used in business meetings, round tables, official visits, before the court, or at a medical visit. The interpreter must be able to render the speeches with fidelity and accuracy to and from the foreign language to the Romanian language, using the same tone and level of source language, without adding or removing something from the source speech.
Our authorized interpreters can assist you in signing documents before a public notary, the civil registrar or other state authorities, if one party is not a Romanian citizen. Also our team of professional interpreters can assist in business meetings, seminars or other events.

Simultaneous Interpreting

Simultaneous interpreting is requested usually for events with a large number of participants and where interpretation is required in several languages. Soundproof booths, equipped with interpreter consoles must be provided. The interpreter renders the speech into the target language simultaneously with the speaker, with a delay of a few seconds. The interpreters should be able to hear the speaker clearly in their headsets, and should have a good visibility of the conference room, the speakers and the presentations projected on the screen, if any.

In case more than two languages shall be used, several pairs of interpreters are required. One of the booths becomes relay to allow the message to be rendered into several languages at the same time. For example, an English speech is interpreted into Romanian by an interpreter in the relay booth for the other interpreters in the other booths, who then interpret into French, Italian, German etc.

Apostille and superlegalization:

  • apostillation of original documents/ translations – for the signatory states of the Hague Convention (by Prefecture/Chamber of Public Notaries/ Tribunal);
  • superlegalization of original documents/ translations -for states that are not signatories to the Hague Convention(the Chamber of Public Notaries/ Ministry of Foreign Affairs/Consular departments/Ministry of Justice);
  • certification of educational degrees with CNRED (National Centre for Recognition and Equivalence of Diplomas – Ministry of Education) or Bucharest School Inspectorate.
  • Apostillation is the application by the competent authorities of a State signatory of the Hague Convention of a stamp (Apostille) on official documents issued in the country and to be presented in an other state party to the Convention. Documents issued in other states can not be apostilled in Romania.
  • Crescendo Traduceri can help you get the apostille certificate from any of the competent authorities for this purpose in Romania: the Prefecture, the Tribunal or Chamber of Public Notaries.

We offer full services:

  1. certification of the original document by the issuing Ministry (required for certain types of documents);
  2. apostille on the original document;
  3. certified translation into the language of the state where it is used;
  4. legalization of the translator’s signature;
  5. apostille on the certified translation.

You can also rely on our services for obtaining any stamp on your instruments to be used in a country not a signatory to the Hague Convention, even urgent, thus avoiding the effort and time consumption, and save yourself of all that is bureaucracy in dealing with the institutions involved.

Healthcare & Medical Expertise

Effective communication is vital to proper medical treatment and patient health.

Crescendo Translations Services offers translation services to help medical providers meet the growing challenge of communicating with patients and colleagues who speak another language.

Crescendo Translations’s emphasis on quality results in consistently clear, accurate renderings of the high-risk, high-value information on which our clients depend. Our specialties include biotechnology, contract research, health care, medical devices and pharmaceuticals.

The service includes the translation of:

  • patient records;
  • patient consent forms;
  • medical journals;
  • pharmaceutical research, reports & training manuals;
  • letters & leaflets;
  • notice board information.

Food & Retail Expertise

Crescendo Translations Services has offered professional translation services for every part of the food and retail industry, from processors to wholesale distributors.

With professional linguists in more than 30 languages, Crescendo Translations has the experience and expertise to provide you with superior language services on your schedule.

Translation of Labels, Packaging, Menus & Ingredient Lists

Food and retail translation is as much an art as a culinary creation.

Whether you have regulatory guidelines or a restaurant menu, Crescendo Translations provides on-time, on-budget translation services for the food and retail industry in more than 30 languages.

Our linguists are chosen not only for their fluency in the source and target languages, but also for their knowledge of the food and retail industry.

Crescendo Translations also offers certified translations accepted by courts, governmental agencies and professional organizations. If you’re on a deadline, ask about our RUSH and same-day translation services.

Language Solutions for Advertising Agencies & PR Firms

When advertising agencies, marketing departments and public relations firms need to communicate in another language, they need a company that also speaks the language of advertising.

Translation of Advertisements, Press Releases & Brochures

Crescendo Translations understands that advertising and marketing materials must be linguistically accurate while maintaining a consistent brand identity, no matter the language.

The linguists and localization specialists of Crescendo Translations also adapt advertising copy and websites for targeted audiences. Our localization specialists can provide you with culturally-appropriate translations of your text, graphics, color schemes and displays.

Science & Technology Expertise

Technical Language Services.

High-tech start-ups and established firms alike need a language service they can trust with their highly technical communications.

Crescendo Translations understands that scientific and technical documents and proceedings include precise concepts and terminology.

Translation of Patents, Manuals, Catalogs & Data Sheets

No matter what type of scientific or technical document translation you require, Crescendo Translations will match your copy with a translator who has the appropriate knowledge of the language and topic.

Our team of translators include linguists with expertise translating patents and other text in a variety of scientific and technical fields, including: biology, manufacturing, information technology, automobiles and engineering.

Software & Computer Expertise

Software and computer technology continually advances. Crescendo Translations offers translation services for software and computer companies.

Financial Expertise

Financial companies large and small now require documents, presentations, meetings and speeches in multiple languages.

You need a multilingual approach if you want to expand globally, introduce a new service, cultivate new business relationships, or even communicate with your own employees in other countries.

Translation of Reports, Balance Sheets & Income Statements.

Crescendo Translations has the right mix of linguistic fluency and knowledge of the financial industry to get your message across clearly in one or multiple languages.

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