About us

Professional Translations at Your Service!

Professional TranslationsCrescendo Translations is a translation office able to assist you with professional translations for a wide range of projects: from legal documents, economic studies, and marketing strategies to technical, medical and IT documentation for various industries: information technology, telecommunications, software localization, automotive, electronics, commerce, architecture, construction, law, electronics, banking and finance, pharmaceutical, healthcare, insurance etc.

We always receive excellent feedback from our clients because every translation request goes to the right translator. For an example, a technical translator will never translate legal documents considering that we have certified translators trained to do that.

Companies from European countries as Spain, Italy, Hungary, Croatia, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland have chosen Crescendo translation services.

Crescendo Translation Office: Our Know-How

We are able to provide you with fully checked professional translations because the quality of our translation service is guaranteed by our experienced linguists. They perform a thorough revision process on every translation project.

Our team of highly skilled translators, terminology specialists, proofreaders, DTP (desktop publishing) professionals, and expert project managers is experienced in providing translation services for any industry.

Feel free to contact us with any language challenges you may have!

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