Translation management process

TRANSLATIONS process1. Translation request. We analyze the client’s request with regard to the service requirements.

2. Quotation. We submit a quotation to the client indicating the price and delivery details. Where no specific terminology is available for the project, Crescendo and the client can agree on terminology work to be carried out as an added value service before the translation is executed.

3. Agreement. For the provision of the service, the client and Crescendo shall sign an agreement.

4. Project Management. Each translation project shall be supervised by a project manager who shall be responsible for carrying out the project The project manager shall monitor and supervise the preparation process, assign translators and revisers for the project, monitor the process timetable and ensure contact is maintained with all parties involved in the process.

5. Translation process. The translator shall transfer the meaning in the source language into the target language in order to produce a text that is in accordance with the rules of the linguistic system of the target language and that meets the instructions received in the project assignment.

On completion of the initial translation, the translator shall check his/her own work. This process shall include checking that the meaning has been conveyed, that there are no omissions and errors and that the defined service specifications have been met.

6. Revision. The reviser shall examine the translation for its suitability for the agreed purpose, compare the source and target texts and recommend corrective measures.

7. Review. Reviewers are domain specialists in the target language. If the service specifications include a review, the reviewer shall carry out a monolingual review to assess the suitability of the translation for the agreed purpose and recommend corrective measures.

8. Proofreading. If the service specifications include proofreading, the text is proofread.

9. Translation Delivery. The translated document will be sent back to you in the format and the manner agreed upon at an earlier stage of our collaboration.

For a more accurate estimation of your translation prices, you can call our office at +40 21 315 23 80, or send us an e-mail at

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